Class Descriptions:

Tai Chi:

Tai Chi is a form of “moving meditation” practiced with slow, relaxed, and flowing movements.  The art is ideal for those seeking gentle rehabilitative exercises for reducing stress, improving health and/or to study “inner power” through calmness.  It is a low impact exercise that emphasizes  balance, grace, and fluidity of motion.  Begin your class with a gentle warm-up stretching session and continue on learning the classical forms in sequence.  These include:  Crane Spreads Its Wings, Clouded Hands, Grasping Sparrow’s Tail, and Needle to Sea Bottom.  All classes are open to beginners.

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Qi Gong:

Increase energy and relaxation with this very calming class.  Strengthen your bones and joints, improve circulation, and exercise your internal organs as well as the entire body with a variety of healing exercises. Qigong is a practice of cultivating and balancing life energy through aligning breath, movement, and awareness.  Various forms of qi gong are practiced including Iron Shirt Qi gong (which is considered Wei qi or Immunity qi gong).

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Yoga Naga:

A combination of yoga therapy and martial arts, Master Zi leads students through a series of asanas that help individuals overcome various health challenges and maintain optimal health. The focus is on personal mastery of the  mind and the asanas (poses) are a means of achieving this. With over 25 years experience teaching yoga and 40+ years of practicing the arts, Master Zi is a wealth of knowledge of the Vedic Sciences and uses of yoga for therapeutic and wellness purposes.

Martial Fitness:

A high impact fitness class utilizing principles of martial arts to help strengthen your body and achieve your health goals whether it is strength, losing weight, tone your body and to learn basic elements of martial arts.