Tuesdays and Thursdays

Dharma Kids will be held on Tuesday and Thursday between 10:30-12:30pm  and 3:00pm-5:00pm. Reservations are required to attend. Afternoon sessions must be booked 24 hours in advance. 1.5 or 2 hour sessions are available. Classes are held indoors and outdoors, based on weather. We do our best to plan activities based on current weather forecast. If this changes, you will be informed the day before, where to meet. For February, our schedule is as follows:

E Week: Enjoying and Exploring Earth’s Environment

Tuesday, Feb. 6  / Indoor

Activity: Litter bugs using “trash”

Book: 10 Things I Can Do To Save The Earth

Thursday, Feb 8  / Outdoor (Meet at Dharma and walk over)

Photo Nature Scavenger Hunt with old film cameras

Book:The Earth Book

F Week: Family and Friends are like Flowers in the Field (Valentine’s Day Week)

Tuesday, Feb. 13 / Indoor

Host A Friendship Tea during snack time

Activity: Make Friendship Cards with stickers and markers and Friendship Bracelets with beads

Thursday, Feb. 15 / Outdoor (Meet at Dharma and walk over)

Activity: Plant real flowers and seeds

G Week: Green Grass Grew in the Garden

Tuesday, Feb. 20 / Outdoor (Meet at Dharma and Walk over)

Activity: Make grass heads

Thursday, Feb. 22 / Indoors

Activity: Garden landscape with playdough and fake flowers, leaves, sunflower feeds, rocks

H Week: The Happy Honey Bee’s Home is a Honeycomb

Tuesday, Feb. 27 / TBD: Indoor or Outdoors based on weather forecast

Activity: Honey taste test
Make bees out of rocks with paint and supplies (outdoors) or a Bee paper craft  (indoors)

Parents can attend class with their child or drop them off. We encourage parents that drop their child off, to use this time for self-care. Children 15 months – 5 years are available to attend. There is a waiting area available for parents who would still like a time-out but their child is not potty-trained.

Onsite health services are available that allow your body to experience an anabolic rest cycle including Immune System Enhancement ECP, Hyperbaric Oxygen, and Acupuncture. Read about services here.

Please note: A valid drivers license is required for drop off and pick up. The same person must drop off and pick up. Children will only be released to the parent that drops off child. A 3-hour cancellation policy applies. Please cancel online through the reservation system or contact us via email at: dharmakids@dharmahealthinstitute.com.

Note this is not a substitute for Day Care. This is an opportunity for parents to take time for themselves for self care.


General Schedule Overview

Start time: 10:30am and 3:00pm

  • If going outdoors (See schedule above, please meet at Dharma and we will walk over to the site at 10:40 or 3:10)

  • Open play and Socialization

  • Welcome, Storytime related to theme of the day

  • Creative Movement Class with themed music

  • Community Snack break (please bring snacks and water)

  • Craft Activity

  • Toddler Yoga

  • Closing

  • Open Play