Tanya is a former PR and Government Affairs professional with an MBA turned stay-at-home Mom with a now 4 year old daughter. Tanya has always been a creative and DIY enthusiast and the Founder of the highly interactive Facebook Groups “Ladies who DIY…on a Budget” with 13,500+ members worldwide and “DIY and Craft Ideas for Kids” with an additional 3,000+ Members. Tanya is extremely excited to lead the Playgroups at Dharma Kids.



Anisa is an Acupuncturist and Public Health Educator but her favorite title is Full-time Mom. Anisa enjoys working with people of all ages and since she has had her children, is reminded of her passion and love of working with these little souls of light. As the owner of Dharma Health Institute, Anisa has always visioned the Institute to be a community center, offering services for individuals of all ages. Inspired by both her children and Mom friends, Dharma Kids was created, knowing the need for parents to have a little break for self-care. Dharma Kids, which is housed within the Institute, allows parents and kids to get together and enjoy arts and crafts while possibly taking a little break for some Ear Acupuncture.