Health Institute

Dharma Health Institute (formerly Tai Chi and Yoga Institute) is the result of decades of intense training, study, practical application and sincere commitment of Master Nzazi (Zi) Malonga, a lifelong yogi and martial artist. Along with several other talented holistic healthcare professionals, all of which train under Master Zi, the vision of a cohesive, multi-disciplinary, integrative wellness institute has manifested – a Wellness Institute where each client/ customer/ patient is seen as an individual. Our quality of life enhancement programs, using our dynamic Tai Chi & Yoga Wellness System called The Physics of Devotion, is shown to be without equal. Our system is dynamic in the sense that it is completely revolutionary, as well as in that our clients/ patients are able to customize their own Wellness Packages to attain personal, ultimate good health.

All classes taught at Dharma are presented in a classical seminar format that allows the participant  a unique opportunity to develop their practical knowledge, skill and ability to reach the highest level of practice they wish. Our Tai Chi is a traditional Yang Family style with a distinct martial and medicinal structure that is rooted in Taoist philosophy . Our Qi Gong Program is also comprehensive in study and practice using a generalized iron shirt system as the foundation for a practical skill set and mastery. As one develops their ability, they can readily branch off into other qi gong formulas that the participant may have a specific interest such as medicinal, fitness, self control and numerous other qigong formulas and strategies. Our Yoga program is a complete study of Yoga that goes far beyond the common asana (pose) type practices. The yoga program allows the participant to develop a complete yoga practice that can be sustained all through life. This study is suited for those that seek to ‘Be their practice’ other than those that do a practice .


What We Offer

Dharma Health Institute offers classes in Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Yoga as well as a number of Preventative and Integrative Health services to help individuals attain or achieve an optimal quality of life. In addition, there are ongoing training packages which are open to students looking to deepen their individual practice, and for those who are additionally interested in teacher certification. For those interested in further cultivating their Tai Chi practice or understanding the philosophical aspects of their Yoga Practice and or using Yoga as Therapy with their patients, training intensives are offered quarterly. Every month, the institute offers a variety of workshops, clinics and continuous lecture series on topics ranging from Strategies for Self Care, Yoga Therapy, Vedic Systems, Sword Mastery, Daoist Philosphy and many more. Clinics are offered in Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Yoga that are designed to deepen your  practice through self-mastery of the mental and physical self. Students are able to organize small lectures on topics that are of interest to them and custom intensives can be organized, upon the students request.

If you are not in the area and would like to study with Master Zi, online sessions are available. We hope you will visit our center. Please see the numerous preventative health services offered for individuals who wish to be well and are seeking a customized wellness program based on their needs. We work with patients that are recovering from chemotherapy/radiation, cardiovascular patients, assist with pain management, autoimmune diseases and also general wellness to prevent chronic illness and improve Quality of Life.