master ziMaster Zi

Master Zi is the founder of Dharma Health Institute and has been studying tai chi, qi gong, and yoga for over 40 years. His studies include mechanical engineering, quantum physics, acupuncture, acupressure, and traditional yoga & tai chi. Please see additional information on Master Zi under “Founder”.

imagecomingsoonMaster Pauline E. Brooks (Master P)

Pauline E. Brooks, PhD is an independent evaluator/researcher with particular interest in cross-cultural issues (bridging cultures) and the elimination of inequities, including racism. Dr. Brooks is former manager of evaluation for a large California-based health foundation, university professor, and independent evaluator for family foundations. She has participated on numerous evaluation teams working with and within African American, Latino and Asian American communities, and internationally in Ethiopia, South Africa, Kenya, Burkina Faso and Surinam. Her initial evaluation training was at UCLA’s Center for the Study of Evaluation where she later worked as an evaluation project director. She presents on issues of evaluation, culture, equity and racism at national and international conferences.

Pauline has been studying tai chi and qi gong for over a decade and teaches beginning-, intermediate- and advanced levels. At present, she is teaching advanced classes, including working with weapons and teaching others about accessing and applying their infinite potential. She is currently finishing a book concerning her learning as a tai chi practitioner.

imagecomingsoonMaster Reid Shapiro

Reid had the good fortune to become one of Master Zi’s first tai chi students in Los Angeles more than fifteen years ago, and has enjoyed the benefits of the work ever since.

Holding BA and MA degrees in International Affairs, Reid looked forward to a career in diplomacy or intelligence (wanted to be a spy!), but ended up pursuing a different path, working primarily in marketing and sales in Los Angeles after graduate school.

In addition to tai chi, Reid has taught yoga for over a dozen years, and is grateful to be married to his one-time yoga instructor

RobPrefect Rob Hoffman

Rob began his martial arts training at the age of 15 studying Isshin-Ryu karate with world karate champion Sensei Pattie Booth. After moving to Los Angeles in his 20’s, he began studying Hung Gar kung fu with Sifu Buck Sam Kong in Hollywood. His desire to study internal arts led him to Master Zi, and the Yang Classical Family style tai ji form. Rob has studied Yangjia michuan tai ji with Oso Tayari Casel, push hands with Master Julius Baker, and qi gong with Michael Winn. He has continued his studies of Xing Yi, and Bagua with Sifu Jonathan Wang.

Rob is also a certified Kundalini yoga teacher through Golden Bridge Yoga. He has also studied and taken teacher trainings in Tibetan Heart Yoga, and Yoga Naga. He is currently working towards his masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and studying Ni family style medical qigong at Yo San University. Rob has traveled extensively throughout the world, including many trips to China, to better his understanding of martial arts, and yoga.

imagecomingsoonSifu Al Haferkamp

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imagecomingsoonSifu Antony

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imagecomingsoonSifu Diane Griggs-Ross

Diane R. Griggs, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, is an advanced tai chi practitioner. She has also been cultivating a yoga practice, studying Yoga Naga, for several years. As a traditionally trained mental health practitioner, Diane has been using alternative healing practices in her work including hypnotherapy, astrology and the Eastern practices of tai chi and yoga. She believes that molding traditional and non-traditional approaches can promote a more holistic approach to wellness. Her passion is working with those who have experienced trauma.

imagecomingsoonSifu Joan Greenwald

Joan has an M.A. in art (painting and drawing) and B.A.s in music and anthropology — always fascinated with world cultures and their underlying enduring unity and flow through expression and meditation. She has decades of experience in Transcendental Meditation and the T.M. Sidhi Program. Besides her devotion to Tai Chi and Qi Gong, she is currently a practicing and showing painter and teacher of classical and folk guitar.

Since 2002, Joan has studied and practiced Tai Chi’s inspirational work with Master Zi and is very grateful to be one of the Dharma Health Institute’s Tai Chi and Qi Gong instructors. Her teaching emphasizes gracefully flowing fundamentals through understanding one’s own mind/body consciousness. Joan has a broad range of experience working with many age groups and populations and welcomes seniors to enjoy the fun and gentle classes.

imagecomingsoonElena Gonzalez

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imagecomingsoonGreg Bonnet

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