Learning Tai Chi and Yoga has had a major impact on my mental, physical, social and spiritual health. My daily life is much more peaceful now than before, and I find that I am more relaxed, patient and attentive as a family member and a friend. There is something in Tai Chi and Yoga for everyone. I have experienced friendships with people of all ages and backgrounds…many of whom I would never have had the opportunity to meet because our worlds were so far apart. I highly recommend this life altering growth experience.
Pauline D. Brooks, PhD

“The wonderful thing about Tai Chi is that it takes one back to his or her own body. You walk differently. The benefits are with you every second of the day.”
Phillip Kaplan
“I found Dharma Health Institute on Yelp just before they opened at their new studio in Playa del Rey. They have classes that begin at 8:30pm on weeknights – perfect for my irregular hours and crap commute. Their weekend classes begin early enough not to eat up your day but late enough that I still get to sleep in a bit on the weekends.
I have been attending 3-4 classes a week for about three months now, and the difference is astounding. My legs are already stronger, my posture is better, and I feel better at managing day-to-day stress. Master Zi and the other instructors are awesome. There is truly an attitude of non-judgment that is crucial to a self-practice like tai chi. The community of other students is really encouraging. I’ve already recommended classes to several of my friends.”
Samantha G
“You have to come check out the Dharma Health Institute. It has so many amazing things to offer besides the Tai Chi and Yoga . They also offer health consultation and healing. Master Zi can know what is ailing you by just looking at you! The classes are great for all levels and everyone there is always super welcoming. The teachers have years of experience and teach you just want you need to know. If you come once you will want to keep on coming back for more.”
Stephanie W
“Amazing health benefits from learning Tai Chi, participating in the EECP sessions and actively taking private fitness training with Dikita! Tai Chi classes have improved my ability to quiet my mind and be present. What a gift! The EECP sessions have improved my circulation so much that I have now been taken off my blood pressure medications. And who knew this overweight version of myself was really an athlete at heart. I can go three rounds of boxing without trying. Not bad for an old gal. I encourage you to come to the Dharma Health Institute to discover the real you.”
Jeani V
“New location, same great teacher!!!!!! Master Zi is one of those rare individuals who can easily explain the spiritual, martial and philosophical concepts of tai chi. He makes every class challenging, and enjoyable. I highly recommend you check out Dharma Health Institute.”
Rob H
“Just happened to walk-in to this health center as i was heading for morning walk to the beach and everyone was so friendly. I got a tour of the whole facility which is absolutely beautiful, with nice redwood floors, inspiring colors and plants but most importantly the energy of everyone who works there is just friendly and helpful. I happen to come 20 mins before a Tai Chi Class and first class is FREE! so I went ahead and attended the class. I used to think Tai Chi was boring and slow but this class gave me a whole new outlook on the art and the Martial aspect of it. It was a history, martial, and balance lesson in one. They have a sauna, chinese medicine, nutrition, training, yoga, and meditation and other services which i can’t wait to learn more about to improve my health! Go check it out!”
Marci H
“This studio is truly a wonderful healing and welcoming environment. I have been introduced through a friend and feel so grateful for all the insights and techniques I have received in all my classes; yoga, tai chi and chi quang. The tools I have gained within just a few months has been positively life altering for the overall health of my body, mind and spirit and I am able to carry these tools with me for the rest of my life. I have never progressed this fast in any bodywork classes anywhere else. The seminar style classes gave me such wonderful knowledge on how the body and mind works and needs to work in order to thrive. Here I have the opportunity to learn from the greatest masters and teachers I have ever met, who are so willing to share their techniques and truths with me and with all the other wonderful, kind students that attend.
Master Zi once told me “knowledge is the greatest tool” and it resonates with me every time I feel too comfortable in life. We live in an ever changing world and just as our world our bodies keep changing every day. It is our responsibility which changes we allow within to alter our true essence. Growth is constant work but it leads one closer to inner peace.
Go challenge yourselves and find a practice and pace that works for you and learn to reach the next level. Even if you don’t have a physical sickness or limitation you will still learn so much and benefit accordingly.
I absolutely recommend to all levels and ages!”
Agnes S
“This is a beautiful new wellness center located one block from the beach in Playa Del Rey. They offer a lot of different types of modalities in integrative health. Yesterday I was able to do a 45 minute infrared sauna treatment and a 45 minute Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber treatment. I went through chemotherapy last year and heard that the sauna is helpful for detoxification and the hyperbaric oxygen will help my body recover from the chemo and radiation. I felt so good afterwards. They offer Tai chi, Qi gong and Yoga classes and I hope to come back and try them out. Master Zi was very helpful in explaining how the modalities work and I felt great after my treatments. I want to bring my husband here because they offer EECP treatments that help cardiovascular patients too. I’m glad I stumbled upon this little gem.”
Shameem K
“This place is the real deal! The owner/Thai Chi instructor, Master Zi, is truly amazing. You can tell he’s been around and knows the deal! The front staff and other practitioners are really friendly, and the place is clean and well-appointed. I will be back!”
Matthew A
“Our psychic wounds from an emotional landscape that gets imprinted both in our mind and body, where they create roadmaps which tend to become the roads most traveled. People seek either psychotherapy or bodywork to heal such wounds; but until they can find a bridge that can reestablish the natural connection between mind and body, they will remain split in one or the other, and the wounds remain stuck in the nervous bridge. Tai Chi encourages a quiet but alert mind as well as a relaxed but flowing body rhythm, which when brought together, lead to a spiritual experience and a sense of oneness that can be both psychologically and physiologically healing.”
Zari Hedayat, PhD, MFT
“Master Nzazi has been a part of my life for over 10 years.He is my teacher, my mentor and my dear friend. When we met, he helped me to overcome a two year battle with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and was the catalyst in my decision to become a Doctor of Oriental Medicine. His presence in my life has touched me on some of the deepest soul levels of my being and the work we now share is like coming home. It is hard to find words to express the depths in which one soul can affect another but I can comfortably say that the soul of this man has touched many. I think there comes a time in everyone’s life when serious crisis arises. This is the moment many people are lead to my teacher’s door. I have experienced in myself and witnessed in others, awe inspiring transformations of body, mind and spirit, as a result of the dedication that Master Nzazi has in helping those in need. It is my hope that we may come together in the spirit of being alive and well to give back some of what we have received.”
Paige Olsen, LAc
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