Auricular Acupuncture Community Clinic

March 4, 2022: 330-530

Ear acupuncture involves placing acupuncture needles into specific points around the ear. These points correspond to specific organs systems within Chinese Medicine and can bring the body back to homeostasis. 

In an auricular acupuncture treatment, needles are placed in your ear based on symptoms you are experiencing. The ear can treat a number of different ailments including pain, digestive issues, sleep, anxiety, weight loss and much more. Since it is a community ear clinic that is being offered, individuals will be in a community setting with social distancing kept in mind. Three rooms will be available to allow for adequate spacing. The consult is 5 minutes long, with a treatment duration of 25-30 minutes. Sound healing will be provided intermittently throughout the session to create a peaceful atmosphere. 

This is the perfect way to reset your body and leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. 


Cost: $50


Healista, 2510 Main St. Suite 201, Santa Monica, CA 90405

Date/Time: March 4 from 330-530pm