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Treat your Family Holistically, at home, with Acu Patches

If your child or family member has an ear ache, cold, fever, pain, anxiety, menstrual cramps (to name a few), these Acu Patches can help relieve symptoms holistically by stimulating acupuncture points on your body using light therapy. Patches can be mailed directly to you and are affixed to the skin or on top of clothing. Safe for children, adults and the elderly. 

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 Frequently Asked Questions

What are the patches made out of and where do you place them? 

They are made out of Water, Oxygen, Glucose and Amino Acids and work with heat of your body to create a phototherapy response that stimulates the acupuncture point. None of the materials enter the body and this has been published in over 70 clinical trials. Read about the science here

What can they be used for?  

Pain, sleep, digestion, anxiety, stress, ear infections, cough, colds,  nausea, hormone imbalance, fever, anti-aging and much more. 

How long do patches last and do they stick to your skin?  

They last for 24 hours and then need to be replaced. They can be worn directly on the skin and/or on clothing. 

Are the patches safe? 

Lifewave patches have been registered with the FDA and approved by the World Anti-Doping Agency. None of the materials in the patches enter the body. This has been confirmed by more than 70 clinical studies which can be found on the company’s website. Patches are safe for ALL AGES (they're great for kids!). Phototherapy has been vigorously studied and used for over 100 years. 

There are so many patches. How do I know which one to use? 

Schedule a telemedicine consult and I will help you decide which patch is best. If you are coming in for a treatment, I will most likely be using a patch on you! 

Do I have to be a licensed Acupuncturist or Practitioner to use these and/or become a member? 

No. The patches can be used by anyone. Click on the links provided and I will provide the support you need to get started. I also have a private Facebook forum where I can answer all your questions. Patches can be purchased retail or become a member and receive them at wholesale price. I can also ship a sample pack directly to you. See information below. 

I am a practitioner and would like to use Lifewave patches on my clients. Can you help me get started? 

YES! I am grateful for my mentor and the amount of time she spent with me explaining the patches, how they work and what they can be used for. Click here and I will provide two, 45 minute consults at no fee. Lifewave offers a 30 day money back guarantee so try it and you will see the benefits for yourself

I have seen the first hand benefits of these patches on the elderly. In the hospital, I placed a patch on "Yin Tang" (between the eyebrows) to help this individual sleep at night. The hospital allowed it because the patch is non-medicated. Patches can be used during birthing and are safe and effective. 

This is a great solution for your family and especially for the elderly to help them recover and improve overall quality of life. I have seen it! 

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Start using Phototherapy on your Family and/or Clients

 Here's the plan


Review company details and feel comfortable with the technology and science


Contact me and schedule a consult to discuss whether AcuPatchingTM is good solution


Purchase as a member and get a wholesale rate or purchase retail. Whichever you feel comfortable with. 

Still not sure if this is right for you? 

I understand. It took me awhile to understand how they work and if they work. It took me three months of testing it out on people of all ages, for a variety of conditions. The basic option allows you to purchase a very minimal amount, for a low price. 

This is where you can write a bit more. Think of this as your "elevator pitch" or "sales letter". As always, make it clear and tie it back to your customer's success.

Pricing options for Patches (After your initial consultation)

Here's your investment

Initial Consult Patches + Follow Ups


This is the cost of the initial consultation. Patches are in addition to this cost.

30-45 minute intake over the phone or in person to discuss your case. A custom protocol is mailed to you. You  have the option to purchase patches directly from the company at wholesale price or from me at retail.  

Most popular



Includes $25 One-Time Membership fee, 6 packs of Patches at wholesale price. (Does not include tax and shipping or initial consultation fee)

Price #1

(Note: Patches come in packs of 15 or 30)



Includes $25 One-time Membership Fee and 2 packs of patches at wholesale price. (Tax / Shipping not included). Note this does not include the initial consultation fee.

Price #2

(Note: Patches come in packs of 15 or 30)

Acupuncture Practitioners: Contact me directly and I can give you more information for use with your clients


For Advanced Members

If you join as an advanced member, I will send you protocols to treat a number of conditions that you might be experiencing and/or see in your clinic. The clients that enjoy phototherapy select this option so they have a number of patches available for any condition they might be experiencing. Its a good starter package for practitioners.