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Master Zi, Our Founder

A legend to some and family to many, Master Zi is the cornerstone of the Dharma Community. His vast knowledge of the body, mind, and soul gives Zi the ability to turn any mundane conversation into an incredible lesson on life and love. 

Dharma Health Institute is proof of Master Zi's life mission, which is to provide his clients with as much knowledge as possible so that they can become the steward of their life. Like many of his clients and students over the years, he has had a storied life. It was after losing his beloved teacher and mentor to cancer when Zi decided to dedicate his life to health.

His teacher’s dying wish became the foundation for everything to follow. His first studio in Santa Monica, California, inspired those nearby to try classical Chinese martial arts and Yoga Naga. His devotion to healing arts opened the doors for those looking for alternative, holistic approaches to their life. 


Anisa Kassim, LAc, MPH, CHES

Anisa Kassim is Public Health Educator and Licensed Acupuncturist has worked in the field of health for 20+ years. She started her career at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and worked worldwide, assisting practitioners in the development of their health programs and training health workers on effective, cost-effective and minimally invasive techniques for the care of individuals in their community and villages. She chose to further her education in Chinese and Ayurvedic Medicine because of its proven efficacy in preventing diseases and helping improve the quality of life of both adults and children.

Anisa is the Acupuncturist on site and specializes in Pediatric, Pregnancy/Postpratum Acupuncture and Facial Rejuvenation. She has helped clients of all ages improve their digestion, decrease pain, manage symptoms associated with chronic diseases and creates customized health strategies based on the clients needs. Master Zi and her work closely together to ensure you benefit from the myriad of integrative services offered at the clinic. More information about her practice can be found at:



Alongside Master Zi and Anisa are some of the most talented practitioners in medicine and wellness, all culminating in the Dharma Health Family. Click here to learn more about our teachers at Dharma Health Institute.