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Tai Chi Program

All classes taught at Dharma are presented in a classical seminar format that allows participants a unique opportunity to develop their practical knowledge, skill, and ability to reach the highest level of practice they wish. Our Tai Chi is a traditional Yang Family style with a distinct martial and medicinal structure that is rooted in Taoist philosophy.

Classes are open for all levels of practice. If you are just beginning your Tai Chi journey, we suggest attending: 


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Qi Gong Program

Our Qi Gong Program is also comprehensive in study and practice, using a generalized iron shirt system as the foundation for a practical skill set and mastery. As one develops their ability, they can readily branch off into other qi gong formulas that the participant may have a specific interest in, such as medicinal, fitness, self control. 

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Yoga Naga Program

Our Yoga program is a complete study of Yoga that goes far beyond the common asana (pose) type practices. The yoga naga program allows the participant to develop a complete yoga practice that can be sustained all through life including the philosophy of the Vedas and therapeutic aspects of poses. This study is suited for those that seek to ‘Be their practice’ other than those that do a practice.