• September Highlights:

  • We are excited to be offering Reiki for Kids (Click Here)  at Dharma. Please click on the Book Appointment tap above to schedule an appointment. Special for September: $25 for your first appointment!

  • Cupping Special: $10 off your first session of cupping with our Acupuncturist. Great for relieving back pain, shoulder tension and relieving stress. Call to inquire.

  • We work with Insurance. Call to get your Insurance Benefits checked.


You can now book appointments online and view our interactive schedule by clicking on SCHEDULE above.

Tai Chi

An ancient meditative martial art that tonifies the blood, lowers blood pressure, and promotes overall well-being in all ages. Engage the warrior within to respond and not react. Tai Chi allows you to quiet your mind, move beyond the fight and flight response and stress.Learn More

Yoga Naga

The Yoga of the Naga’s is a complete yoga practice. All limbs of the yoga are emphasized equally and diligently. Skill, knowledge, practical application and ability to transmit the Yogic sciences are considered true knowing. Learn More

Qi Gong

Qi Gong is a simple meditation practice that aligns your breath, strengthens your immune system and cultivates awareness of the energy flowing through your body. Qigong has been shown to improve posture and respiration. Learn More

Integrative Health

Dharma Health Institute utilizes different modalities to help individuals attain a premium quality of life. We design customized programs which include: EECP, Neuroplasticity, Hyperbaric Oxygen, Infrared Sauna sessions, and Chinese Medicine including Acupressure, Acupuncture and Medical Qigong.Learn More


  • Toddler Class

Toddler Class

Join our FB group at www.facebook.com/dharmafamilyLA for information on our Toddler Creative Movement class. See our “Mama Community” tab for details or schedule of classes. Now offering Reiki for Kids too.

  • New Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

New Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

New Vertical Hypberbaric O2 chamber with extra Oxygen generator. Come get a treatment at a promotional price for October! Call to find out details. Excellent for stress management, hydration of the body to increase red blood cells, immune enhancement, sleep better, Autism and much more.

  • Free for Monthly Members

Free for Monthly Members

Find out % body fat, BMI, strength of muscles, Visceral fat and Intra/Extracellular water. Part of your class monthly membership ($125). Great way to tailor your health plan. $20 or 3 for $49.99 for walk-ins.


Take a Tour of our Institute

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