• Dharma Health Institute is now offering classes online via Zoom. Click on the videos above and it will give detailed instructions of how to use our member app. Detailed step-step by instructions are provided below as well. If you have any questions regarding a password reset, Zen Planner or Zoom, feel free to email us at: info@dharmahealthinstitute.com. Please note,  the meeting ID changes so please use the member app on ZenPlanner to join Zoom meetings. 

  • Saturday, April 4th , Master Rob Hoffman will lead a Chen Style Tai Chi workshop. Please email any questions to Sifu Diane Griggs: diane.griggs.ross@gmail.com. Participation is donation based and can be sent directly to Venmo: @Robert-Hoffman-53

  • Virtual consultations are being offered including with Master Zi and Distance Reiki with Anisa. If you are in need of immune support assistance and/or would like an online consult for assistance with a health related issue, we are available for you. We are able to ship homeopathic remedies, herbs and supplements to your doorstep. Please email us at info@dharmahealthinstitute.com. 

Detailed Instructions on Joining Zoom Calls (please watch videos above as well for instructions): 

  1. You will need your smart device including iPhone, iPad, Android, or Tablet. 

  2. Go to the App Store or Google Play and download: Zen Planner Member App and Zoom App

  3. If you have been to Dharma Health Institute before, click on forgot your password in the Zen Planner App. If you have not been to the Institute before, please create a new ID. 

  4. Once your password has been reset, login into the Zen Planner App. If you do not have a monthly membership or class package, you will need to purchase this first. Choose the option that best works for you. 

  5. Go to Classes. Click on the class that you would like to join. 

  6. Click Join Now. The Zoom app will open. 

  7. If you want to watch the class on your computer, please watch the second video above (or click here) that explains this.  You can either: 1) click on the Zoom URL on your smart device and text it to yourself; 2) Or write down the Meeting ID by touching the top of your smart device screen (for example Meeting ID looks like this: 443-884-559). 

  8. Go to www.zoom.us on your computer. Paste the link from your smart device or type in the meeting ID in “Join Meeting”

  9. You are now able to watch the online classes on your computer. Please turn on your camera and mute your mic.